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Nowait Guest app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7280 ratings )
Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: Nowait
Current version: 3.1.16, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Aug 2013
App size: 60.52 Mb

With Nowait, you can see the current wait times for nearby places to eat and put yourself on the waitlist of your favorite restaurant from anywhere - even if they do not take reservations.

With Nowait:
• Save time by getting in line from home, work, or a private yacht
• Gain peace of mind by knowing how long the wait time is at any restaurant near you
• Feel like a wizard* by seeing your exact place in line
• Create harmony in your family by minimizing the wait for hungry children (and adults)
• Look like a VIP when you waltz right in and grab a table at a busy restaurant without waiting
• Go shopping, play soccer, take a nap, or spend a minute rating our app with your extra time

Without Nowait:
• Sit, or more likely stand around a crowded host stand, holding a dirty pager and hoping it buzzes soon

You can skip the wait at many of these popular restaurants using Nowait:
Buffalo Wild Wings
First Watch
Texas Roadhouse
The Original Pancake House
...and thousands more local restaurants near you!

*Nowait doesn’t actually turn you into a wizard, though we would argue it’s close.

Pros and cons of Nowait Guest app for iPhone and iPad

Nowait Guest app good for

This app could be one of the best of it had more restaurant support. As it stands its good for Chilis. Thats about it. But I have faith things will get better.
This app is awesome, wonderful, & fantastic because I have a two & half year old granddaughter and when shes hungry she cries so any time so any time saved is a blessing!¡!¡! Thank you for such a great idea!!!
No real problems. I would add search to the main screen instead of behind the restaurant button. Also log in screen was off centered on an iPhone 6. No real problems.
used this app for the first time on my birthday at Texas Roadhouse. It worked great and was accurate we were very pleased. Will defiantly use again. I hope more restaurants will sign up so far only chilies and Texas Roadhouse are listed
Went to A restaurant after using the app and when we got there we walked pass everyone and were seated. Overheard that there was a 90 minute wait. Loved it!
We use this every weekend with First Watch. Wonderfully accurate and we have saved hrs a year getting in line as we leave the house. Wish more restaurants used it.

Some bad moments

App only shows you your wait but it doesnt let you interact with it
As I search the map for other restaurants in the DFW area besides Chilis, it constantly re-centers itself in my current location. Frustrating. Goodbye.
You need to add your phone number to use most of the apps features, but (laughably) theres no Submit button after you enter your number. The only option is to skip that step (which prevented me from using the app to track my place in line, which was the only reason I downloaded it). Seems like a pretty major design flaw
Used it once. Thought it was free (at least that is the way the restaurant sold it). Then didnt work. Started 18 in line. Slowly worked its way down to 10 and got stuck there. I sat down at the table and it still said 10 ahead of me in line.
The keyboard to input phone number blocks the continue button, so you cant actually put your phone number in
I open it. It crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it still only crashes.

Usually Nowait Guest iOS app used & searched for

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