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Should Now Be Called “NewWait”

App that once worked great, now delivers opposite effect. It used to work such that when you arrived at your recommended time, you were just a few minutes away from getting your table. Last few recent uses of the app, a new wait time of 30 minutes began once we arrived and checked-in. Last use was informed around 5:50pm that wait was 23-38 minutes. We got in line on the app and was told to arrive at 6:20 and that 1 party was ahead of us. We arrived at 6:15 and then a new wait if 30 minutes began once we checked in. If we had just driven to the restaurant (10 minutes away) at 5:50 and waited we would’ve easily been seated by 6:30. Using the app, we waited 25 minutes to leave, then was told to wait another 30 by the restaurant once we arrived. The app actually had the opposite effect of making our wait longer than just showing up without it. We walked out of the restaurant and were seated right away at a great place that close by. No app needed.

Great app

I love being able to get my number on the list for our favorite restaurant and still be 20 minutes away.

Doesn’t work!!! F-

This app is NOT properly connected with the restaurant. We wasted so much time! NEVER using it again!

Hit Or miss

The last two times I’ve used this app at Broken Egg, the timing was way off. Last week I ended up waiting an hour and a half longer than what I was told. Today, the app told me to arrive at 10:06 and right now it’s 10:35 and I’m still waiting for a table.

Don’t waste your time.

Terrible app. Only has like 3 good restaurants that participate and every time you try to use it, it will say “Problem Getting in line.” Not worth the download.

This was a great app at some point...

I used to find this useful, but now I can’t stand it. It’s not always accurate. The restaurants listed aren’t required to use it all the time, so it will often say “Come on in” when there’s actually a 30-minute wait. And, I absolutely hate that it forces you to rate the last restaurant before you can use it. It says “optional,” however, you can’t progress forward to another reservation until you give a rating.

Don’t force me to download and make an account

Don’t force me to download and make an account just to see my place in line. You could easily just show me my place in line on the website when I click on the link the restaurant texted me.

Doesn’t work

Have tried to get in line a couple of times. Keep getting message “invalid argument “. Have yet to resolve

Waited over 4 hours

Checked in at 10:30, was told to arrive at around 12:58, checked in 11:15, seated not until 2:30

Can’t reserve a seat.

Can’t reserve a seat because I’m too far from the restaurant. Is there anyway to change this feature for the people that lives in a small town? That would be much appreciated!

Has one job, and fails miserably

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. Downloaded this app to try and save some time going out for brunch. The app estimated at 10 min wait and suggested we get there at 10:30. When we arrived at the restaurant they said it would be 30-45 min. We decided to give the app another try and the same thing happened. This apps estimates are grossly inaccurate. It has one job and fails miserably.

Good idea, but not great for large parties.

The app is a good idea and works well. When you have a large party (over 5) on a busy day, then the issue is that while you move up the line, it gets exponentially slower as you get closer to the top. That’s because larger parties keep their priority, but there’s frequently fewer tables for large parties. Then it’ll seem like smaller parties who came later are being seated ahead of you.

The name is wrong,

It doesn’t actually tell you if there’s No Wait - since it doesn’t update without closing and opening the app, it tells you there’s ‘no wait’ if there was just one table open when you opened the app, and then NEVER UPDATES. I use this app every Sunday, when I’m driving to breakfast, somehow there’s always NO WAIT. When I get to breakfast, oh WAIT, 15-25 minutes. Like clockwork. This app is garbage.

Not worth my time

It is a good idea in theory. Unfortunately, many restaurants are using “No Wait” to drum up business by saying there’s no wait when there really is a very long wait. We went to a Saltgrass in Richardson, TX on May 12, 2018 that said they had no wait and the entire parking lot was full, and people were parking on the street. This has happened so many times with many different restaurants. The app is no longer worth my time. I’m deleting it.

Crashed and then just didn’t work after that

Had such a disappointing experience w No wait this morning. As my family and I left for brunch, we tried to get in line via no wait. The app crashed - wouldn’t even find the restaurant, which it had previously. Once it seemed to correct itself, after 15 minutes, we then could not get a place in line. The message ‘could not hold place’ just kept coming up. And now we are at our brunch destination, waiting an hour. First world problems for sure but come on.... The app let us down.

Questionable accuracy

Have used the app a few times and had a huge fail tonight. App said no wait and when we arrived it was 30-45 min. Talking to the hostess they said it was steady all night and the wait has been consistent. Either the app is not updating or the restaurant is not.

Inconsistent, Unreliable

Have used this app three times and have only been successful in getting a meal once. The other two times our reservation was mysteriously cancelled. The restaurant told us that after so many minutes on the list it automatically purges the list. I was skeptical of this explanation the first time but it happened again later. We no longer eat at restaurants using this app for seating. OpenTable is considerably more reliable.

Severely lacking

The interface is usable but there are so many stupid mechanical problems. For example, if there is no wait at the restaurant, you cannot get in line to reserve a seat or at the very least put you at the front of the line when you arrive. Instead, you frequently are told “Come on in!” But when you arrive are told to wait sometimes up to an hour! If I can’t sign in until I arrive, what’s the point of this app?

Doesn’t refresh wait times-user beware!

The only reason for this app is to give you the most up to date wait time for a restaurant. It does that the first time you open the app. It does not auto refresh each time you look at the app. You have to completely close down the app and reopen it each time you want to check the wait time. I didn’t know this and ended up waiting over an hour at a local restaurant because I didn’t add my name to the air list because NoWait told me to ‘come right in’. This app has one job and it can’t even do that.

Not in real time

Used it for the first time - after constantly refreshing it, the app went from “No Wait, Come On In” to 23 parties ahead of me within 30 seconds. If it’s not done in real time, then there is zero value.

Get a new developer

Horrible experience in the app. I searched for a restaurant and it said no wait (great) so I drove over. I continued to check on the way and it continues to show no wait. When I arrived at the restaurant there was a 40 min wait. When I checked the app again it showed no wait. It does NOT REFRESH unless you exit the search and initiate a new search. I had even exited the restaurant and come back to the search results... but that didn’t refresh the results either. After performing a new search it finally showed the 40 min wait. That’s the whole point of the app, isn’t it? This seems like a failure of the fundamental purpose.


Any app that forces you to review a place you are gets one star along with the place I ate.

Ineffective and wrong

Staff at Cafe Hollander told me to use this. I downloaded the day before I was meeting a small group. The app told me no wait at 11, noon, and 1230. When I arrived at 12:30, they told me 35 minute wait. Add to the fact that almost no restaurants use this, I’m deleting after lunch.

I love it but If only....

It had more restaurants join then I’d give you guys 5 stars! I love walking in just a few minutes before and getting seated quickly.. while others sit there baffled on how since I just walked in and they’re still WAITING ! ;)

Web based or BUST!

Pointless download and system. Prefer to eat elsewhere instead of needing to utilize.

Dumb idea makes being on a wait list somehow hard

Tells you when you should arrive but when you do you still must wait. The restaurant still has liberty to remove you from the list.

The Developer Should Find. Different Profession

Who creates an app that you have to quit (completely close the app) on iOS for it to update?!?!? Someone that enjoys sending people on wild goose chases and losing restaurants business... This developer needs to quit and find a job at a fast food restaurant. At least then they would be in the business of getting customers served in a timely fashion.


Best invention. Saved so much time especially when my parents came to visit me. 10/10 use this!!!!

Great app

Awesome app

Wait times

The whole purpose of using this app is tarnished when I can’t get in line until I am almost there. I tend to travel more than 25 miles to a lot of restaurants. So I am driving when I am 10 miles away from a restaurant and with the laws the way it is you can’t be on your phone and driving. I try to get in line to tone my arrival but if I have to wait after driving 25 miles and can’t get in line until I am almost at the spot is not a likely situation so I have been only going to restaurants that DON’T HAVE THE 10 MILE STIPULATION😒

Something Happened

It worked last week and now all of a sudden it doesn’t let me get in line anywhere. I updated my profile and yet it doesn’t work, despite showing history so my profile must be right.

Terrible App

Use of this app ruined one of my favorite restaurants. The estimated wait time is seldom accurate, and if you wait to “get in line” based on that time you could wind up waiting an hour or more.

Chili’s, chili’s, or chili’s

Not much choice in The Villages Fl. 150,000+ retirees here and they dine often.

Love this app!

Great app, just wish more restaurants would get on board and use it.

no good

app said there was no wait and we couldn’t put our name on list. got to restaurant and 14 were waiting. app still showed “no wait”.

“No wait” lol!

I hate this app. It claims you have “no wait” if you use it. Every time I have tried to use this app I end up waiting a long time. If there is “no wait” you can’t hop in a waitlist knowing that you won’t arrive for some time. Then you check the app and there is suddenly 10+ people ahead of you on the waitlist. So then you have to wait! I don’t understand why restaurants don’t just take reservations...

Terrible app

Work directly with the restaurant or find another option. The wait times presented in the app are always incorrect. They will say a 5-15 minute wait and when you arrive the restaurant states 30-40 minutes.

Love Nowait!

Great tool.Wish more restaurants uses it. We use it often!


I use another broken egg in Clearwater. It seems to be never right. I ask for a table outside this morning. It tells me 9 in line in front of me despite arriving at recommended time. I check in, wait a few minutes and see two tables open outside. I go back in and the hostess is about to give one to a person who just walked up. I got the other. Annoying how it does not work

Limited...look elsewhere

I downloaded this app and had it in my restaurant for several years. At first it was nice not to have to babysit/guard the pagers however but that quickly changed! The "old" company that owned No Wait (NW) was really nice to work with. You could actually get someone on the phone... imagine that! NW's extremely limited notification text only allows for a very basic message. My restaurants are located in a seasonal/tourist town and we get quite busy during the summer months. Being in a tourist location it requires a bit more detail as to how the reservation process works in order to keep our restaurant running efficiently... this app did NOT allow this much detail. In fact it got MUCH worse once Yelp bought the company. They were obviously more interested in pushing their own service/site then having an app that worked for the restaurants that they were allegedly serving. The outgoing texts could only be around 10 words, compared to their paragraph about their service with a very long link attached! Not sure why I can send a text of any length but only a sentence or two when using there text service... and they are much more expensive then some of their competitors! There are several apps that do what NW does and I would recommend looking at those before signing up for this service! Yelp only looks out to serve themselves!!!

Don’t bother

Every restaurant I tried the app says no wait and all had 15-30 minute waits. Don’t waste your time!!!!

Really, I *do* just want to see my place in line.

Requiring me to not only install an app but also to create an account just to see where i am on this virtual line is ridiculous. I don’t go out to eat very often, and I’ve got very limited space on my phone. Why would I want to install an app that I might use once a year? And making e create an account? Unacceptable.

Will Use Every Time

Used it for McGuire’s in Pensacola on the way there. Had a 15 minute wait, and we had a 15 minute drive. Walked right up to the hostess stand (past 50 people outside waiting in line) and the hostess said, “Welcome Jodi, we were expecting you, right this way.” Amazing!

Never works

Error message it will not work

Not accurate

Said to get here at 10:10, got 20 minutes here early. Checked in. 10:40... still waiting.

Too big brother ish

Not worth being spied on!

Not working

Downloaded the app but it says it's having a problem getting info from NOWAIT. It's been this way since last night 👿

Can’t explore on the map

Map keeps glitching to center on my location. No way to explore at all. Bad app


This app is trash. The restaurants on here show a wait time and upon arrival, they’re wrong. This makes the whole thing useless.

Didn’t work

The ap wouldn’t allow me to get in line with magnolia pancake even when I was within 5 miles. The wait was 15 min at home then 1 hour by the time we got there.

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