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Broken menu

Cant use because I can get past the sign up screen. On a iPhone 6s the phone number menu covers the continue button.

Saves lots of time

The best feature is auto check-in via Bluetooth. You dont need to speak to the host when you arrive. Have had the app crash on me but hoping the devs look at the crash logs.

Time Saver

This is a great app and most restaurants should take advantage of the convenience it provides. Thanks for your continual improvements.

Dont download

Horrible app. Drove 30 minutes to a restaurant the app said had no wait. Got there to find they had a wait of at least 45 minutes. Total waste of my time. Very upset

Great app so far!

I use this at all my usual places and have saved so much time!

Cannot continue

App doesnt function. Unable to create profile because the continue button is underneath the number pad.

Doesnt work.

Cant tell if Im checked in then says Im in line but restaurant has no record of me. So I now get to wait 30 min. OR the wait times are waaay off. This would be great if it worked.

Bad app- bad company

These clowns force you to download an app to show you data that could more easily be shown on a website or in a text. Just hostage-ware trying to force you into their ecosystem for profit. The wait times are also inaccurate, and the app tells you there are more people in front of you than there really are so you miss your table. Inexcusable. Bad bad bad.

Cant sign up

Broken. Phone number prompt blocks the continue button on home page. Cant sign up after entering number. Cant use the app. Delete.

Crappy app

Made me download yet another app just to see my place in line. What. The. F**K.

Accuracy of wait times is incorrect

I have used nowait several times. Twice on vacation and twice in my hometown. Not once have the wait times been accurate (almost 20mins off). Every single time we were put "in line" we were bumped out of line because we hadnt arrived yet. But the time this was happening was at least 15-20mins before the time our table was supposed to be ready!? And then we had to start all over again with sometimes up to 60mins wait again! This is totally unacceptable! If your app is giving us a wait time of 60, dont eliminate us from line 40mins into the wait because we "were not there yet". What is the point of using the app if we need to be at the restaurant waiting a long time anyways? It doesnt make any sense?


You cant click continue after you enter your number. So, you cant use the application. How in the world did the developer release this?

Not tested. Does not work.

Does not work correctly on iPhone. Keyboard wont slide back to allow submission of my phone #. Also, keyboard switches back to numeric after each digit. Did anyone actually test this on a real phone? Inexcusable.

Good idea, poor execution

The app indicated no wait at a restaurant, so we could not enter a get in line request. Even though we checked the status at the restaurant, there was still a 30-minute wait. This has happened on more than one occasion.


Such a time saver. Use it every weekend for First Watch. Glad more restaurants are catching on to this idea too!

Poor design

Requires you to continuously re-enter personal info. Does not auto-refresh. Once our table was ready for us, the text message did not come through and the app simply said how much time we saved, rather than sending us a notification like your table is ready. Glitchiness was confirmed by hostess at restaurant. Deleting app now.

Doesnt work

Fix your app. You type in the phone number and cant go any further.


I like the concept and function, but wish I could see the line spot at the various places in checked in at.


Very cool app!

Great so far

Great so far, dramatically cut down on our wait at some very popular brunch places!

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