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App doesnt work

App only shows you your wait but it doesnt let you interact with it

Great app if you like Chilis

As I search the map for other restaurants in the DFW area besides Chilis, it constantly re-centers itself in my current location. Frustrating. Goodbye.

As advertised. Worked perfectly

Saved me 40 minutes waiting in line in downtown Chicago.

Good idea but unusable

You need to add your phone number to use most of the apps features, but (laughably) theres no Submit button after you enter your number. The only option is to skip that step (which prevented me from using the app to track my place in line, which was the only reason I downloaded it). Seems like a pretty major design flaw

Good app but needs way more restaurants

This app could be one of the best of it had more restaurant support. As it stands its good for Chilis. Thats about it. But I have faith things will get better.

Awesome, Wonderful, & Fantastic

This app is awesome, wonderful, & fantastic because I have a two & half year old granddaughter and when shes hungry she cries so any time so any time saved is a blessing!¡!¡! Thank you for such a great idea!!!

Did not work

Used it once. Thought it was free (at least that is the way the restaurant sold it). Then didnt work. Started 18 in line. Slowly worked its way down to 10 and got stuck there. I sat down at the table and it still said 10 ahead of me in line.

Cant enter phone number

The keyboard to input phone number blocks the continue button, so you cant actually put your phone number in


I open it. It crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it still only crashes.


I could look past all the glitches, but being required to rate a previously visited restaurant before you can proceed is really upsetting.

Works just fine

No real problems. I would add search to the main screen instead of behind the restaurant button. Also log in screen was off centered on an iPhone 6. No real problems.

Doesnt work

-5 stars just for the annoyance and time waste.

Stop the vague updates

No release notes = 1 star

Cant enter phone number

Actually, you can enter a number but thats it. It doesnt go to the next screen. Theres no options to go to the next screen either because the number pad blocks the continue button.

This app is garbage!

Whoever coded this app needs to go back to school. I cant hit "continue" when entering my phone number because the keyboard wont minimize. After spending 10 minutes to find a way around it, the app crashes EVERY TIME I TRY TO ENTER MY VALIDATION CODE. I cant even use the app for its intended purpose because of this. It is a waste of space on my phone and if I could give it less than one star, I would.

One and done

Worked first time and didnt work 2nd time

First time user

used this app for the first time on my birthday at Texas Roadhouse. It worked great and was accurate we were very pleased. Will defiantly use again. I hope more restaurants will sign up so far only chilies and Texas Roadhouse are listed

Cant enter phone number

The keypad to enter your phone number blocks the submit button, so there is no way to use the app.

Made reservation for wrong location

So I made a reservation for Original Pancake House on NW highway and for some reason it reserved on the one on Lemon, so we had to wait 20 minutes instead of being next up. Not very happy about the functionality of this app.

Really sick of giving up my info for broken tech

Went through all the hassle of signing up because I was AT a restaurant that used it and was sent a text promising I could "see my place in line". Once I finally got through the downloading process and gave them my info, and finally got in, it said "23 parties ahead of you". There are only two people waiting with me. When I got seated it still said 22 parties ahead of us.

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